Landscape Design

If you need a small courtyard landscaping project or an extensive landscape design containing a pool and spa, ramada, outdoor kitchen and fireplace, pavers and flagstone, and complete landscaping with low voltage lighting and mist system, Landscape Design Magic is your best choice. You can feel confident that with our knowledge and experience, we have the ability to surpass your expectations and turn landscape into your own paradise.

If you desire an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or any other fire feature for your home, we can offer design ideas that will bring your yard to life. By incorporating features such as barbecues, pizza ovens, outdoor refrigerators and grills, we can turn you backyard into an outdoor kitchen ready to entertain friends and family.

Landscape Installations

Imagine coming home after work and seeing your house surrounded by your favorite trees and flowers. Strategically placed flowerbeds may be blooming, while birds play in a bubbling fountain. Or maybe there’s a tranquil water feature surrounding your patio with a rock garden and your favorite plants nearby. Your newly sculpted lot with soft sloping hills covered with lush green lawn will be interesting to see and fun to play on. You relish in the knowledge that your home is your lovely relief from the hectic world. Even the neighbors think so.

But how do you get this landscaped perfection? Most people can’t do it themselves, so they seek advice from someone who understands all the aspects of creating the perfect balance. And most people aren’t aware of the all options available to them in home landscaping. Call Landscape Design Magic today and let us install your landscaping professionally.

Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire Pits & Fireplaces add a nice warm glow to even the chilliest of fall evenings, but it also acts as a gathering spot around which friends and neighbors can huddle on a summer night. Roast marshmallows, tell stories, enjoy a cold drink: there are many things you can do around a fire feature. Getting warm is just one of the benefits!

Whether you use your fire feature for grilling food in the warm months or you just want to create some ambiance, the type of fire feature you choose says a lot about your lifestyle. Recessed fire pits are great for modern patios. A stacked stone fireplace is a rustic, kid-friendly addition to any patio, or perhaps even a table-top four-unit pit that shows off your contemporary image.

You need a professional landscape construction and design firm behind you when determining which kind of fire feature is best for your yard. Here at Landscape Design Magic, we can provide advice, take measurements, come up with a design and construct it — all under one roof for one affordable price. But determining what you want: outdoor fire pit or fireplace? That is the question. We’re here to help you.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Home is certainly where the heart is. What if you could continue the enjoyment outside? At Landscape Design Magic we have always been inspired by the idea of extending living spaces outdoors by creating awesome usable spaces to enjoy with family and friends. If you are ready to create an outdoor living space at your home, here are some essentials to consider. To maximize use of your outdoor living space, place it as close as possible to the doorway to your home. Many fabulous outdoor living rooms directly connect to indoor space and truly extend your living room.

Consider traffic patterns. Just like hallways and walkways in your home you will need to be able to easily navigate outdoor living space. You can do this by creating an actual pathway using pavers, flagstone, breeze, and many other materials, by using seating walls or retaining walls to direct traffic, or by simply placing furniture properly. For a sense of mystery, place your outdoor living area at the end of a pathway or in an area hidden by plants. This can really provide a hideaway and a very private space to relax in your backyard.

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